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AntiSpam with MagicSpam - state of the art spam protectiong

Latin America Hosting is proud to present our latest anti-spam technology; MagicSpam. MagicSpam offers state of the art antispam technology, and has the added convenience of integration directly into your account control panel. No more need to visit another site, with another login - now all of your email tools are in one place.

MagicSpam is also extremely good at avoiding "false positives" - misidentifying good mail as spam. Chances are, you'll find that you'll never need to review the workings of the tool, or worry about whitelisting, blacklisting, etc. All of those options are available for power users, so while the service works quite well on 'autopilot', you can also see and adjust every detail you care to.

AntiSpam with MagicSpam - state of the art spam protectiong

MagicSpam is automatically set to industry best practices/recommendations for spam filtering, but you can adjust the settings in a number of ways. To begin, locate the MagicSpam icon in your account control panel in the Mail section:


When you open MagicSpam, the first page you'll see is the command center or Dashboard. All setting and configuration options are available from this page:

The first thing you'll always see are the statistics for today - total mail (RCTP), good mail (accepted), spam blocked, and mail skipped (whitelisted). The stats refresh every day.  To look more closely at the filtering, select the "Stats/Logs" link:

Here you can see a visual representation of the filtering process. You can also Search the logs for daily activity, either for a specific email, or simply hit "Search" with both fields empty to see a pop up display of the last 50 emails processed. That display also offers a download link for a spreadsheet of all email handled for the day where you can see what was filtered, why certain emails were tagged as spam, and much more.

The "Spam Settings" and "IP Reputation" links indicate the pre-configured anti-spam settings. You can select the question mark next to other potential settings to learn more, and decide if you wish to further tighten your spam filtering. Please note that selecting additional filtering settings may increase the risk that a good email may get tagged as coming from a spam source.

The "Exemptions" link presents the option to whitelist and blacklist specific email addresses, domains, or IP addresses. If a valid sender has been blocked from sending mail to your account, you can add them here to ensure that they'll pass through to your email without filtering:

The "*" wildcard character allows you to white or blacklist an entire domain rather than a specific address. Example: *@example.com

MagicSpam - state of the art spam protection from Latin America Hosting!


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